Postdoctoral Position at Imperial College

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Programming Languages for Exact Real Number Computation:
Theory and Implementation

This project is funded by the EPSRC and is led by Dr Abbas Edalat and
Prof. Chris Hankin.  We are seeking to appoint a postdoctoral research
assistant.  The successful candidate will be appointed on the RA 1A
scale (14317 - 21519 + 2134 London Allowance) for two years (in the
first instance).

We are developing a framework for real number computation based on
domain theory, semantics and abstract interpretation.  The framework
is independent of any programming paradigm.  However, we propose to
implement it in a prototypical functional programming language.  Work
on domain theory and semantics is being applied to the development of
techniques for exact real number programming.  Work on static analysis
based on abstract interpretation will be applied to the design and
implementation of algorithms for code optimisation.  It is expected
that, in the long term, the framework will be implemented in
imperative languages and lead to the design of hardware for exact real
number computation.

The successful applicant will be primarily responsible for the
implementation and abstract interpretation work.

Applications, with a full CV, should be sent to Prof. Hankin
(clh@doc.ic.ac.uk) by 15th September 1996.