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                            CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
                    1st Workshop of Functional Programming
                             September 10 of 1996

                            that will held within
  25 Jornadas Argentinas de Informatica e Investigacion Operativa (JAIIO)
     Organized by Sociedad Argentina de Investigacion Operativa (SADIO)
             September 9 to 12 of 1996, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Functional Programming offers a number of benefits to programmers: fast
prototyping, short development times, code that is small, and easy to
modify, reason about and reuse. Recently there were new and important
advances in the area, in particular in the areas of applications and

In South America, functional programming spread and grew mainly in the
academic environment. Several universities included it as an important topic
in undergraduate courses, and several groups emerged which are interested in
research and development in Functional Programming. However, this discipline
does not have the relevance it deserves, as different groups grew up in
isolation, without the interaction that can enhance and integrate their


To promote spreading Functional Programming in academic and non-academic
environments; it will be considered of great interest the analysis of
teaching experiencies, in particular the use of this paradigm in learning
basic programming concepts.
Also, to promote the interaction of researchers, and the interchange of
knowledge and experiences between groups, aiming at the creation of a forum
to discuss and comunicate ideas, joint-projects and research lines.
Finally, to broadcast the use of Functional Programming in practical
applications and its posibilities as a software development tool.


Oral presentations and discussions will be divided in three main subjects:
Education: the emphasis will be the analysis and discussion of teaching
experiences in undergraduate courses and in the use of Functional
Programming as a tool for learning basic programming concepts.
Research: includes the presentation of original research or development
works, and also surveys or reports on recent results in the field.
Application: emphasis will be put in descriptions of products and tools
where functional programming technology is included.

Invited talks:

Dr. Philip Wadler is one of the authors of  the most used book in first
courses of functional programming and he has been involved in research in
both, theoric and  practical issues. Dr. Wadler will give a talk named "Lazy
vs. Strict" about the construction of models for strict and non-strict
languages. The abstract he provides is:

"To a first approximation, lazy languages are modelled by Church's
call-by-name lambda calculus, while strict languages are modelled by
Plotkin's call-by-value lambda calculus.  The former is a good
denotional model, while the latter is not; and the latter is a good
operational model, while the former is not.  To improve the situation one
must devise less simple but more accurate models.  The
construction of such models is remarkably recent, and they turn out to be
surprisingly similar."

Evaluation Comitee:
	Delia Kesner, LRI, France
	Sylvia Da Rosa, InCo, Universidad de la Rep=FAblica, Uruguay
	Rosita Wachenchauzer, UBA, Argentina
	Gabriel Baum, LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina
	Maribel Fern=E1ndez Romero, Ecole Normale Paris, France
	Ver=F3nica Gaspes, University of Chalmers, Sweden

Organizing Comitee:
	Gabriel Baum, LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina, gbaum@info.unlp.edu.ar
	Rosita Wachenchauzer, UBA, Argentina
	Pablo E. Mart=EDnez L=F3pez, LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina, fidel@info.unlp.edu.ar
	Ricardo Medel, UNRC, Argentina, rhmedel@unrccc.edu.ar
	Rom=E1n Garc=EDa, LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina, roman@info.unlp.edu.ar

For more information, contact:
        Rom=E1n Garc=EDa
        LIFIA. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
        Tel/Fax : +54  (21) 22- 8252
        e-mail: roman@info.unlp.edu.ar

        SADIO, Sociedad Argentina de Inform=E1tica
        Uruguay 252 2do D, 1015, Buenos Aires, Argentina
        Tel/Fax +54 (1) 476-3950
        e-mail: jaiio@sadio.edu.ar

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