International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP)

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Dear colleague

I'd like to let you know about two new information sources for people
interested in functional programming.

The ICFP mailing list
* Its purpose is to provide you with OCCASIONAL information about
  the International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) 
  and related conferences and workshops.  

* It is not a discussion list; it will carry only 10-20 messages a year.

* It is easy to subscribe.  Just send a message to
  containing in the body (not subject) the line
	subscribe icfp

* You can easily unsubscribe, of course (just replace "subscribe" by
  "unsubscribe" in the above).

The ICFP Web page

* The ICFP Web page contains details of the next ICFP, of course, but
  it also has pointers to other functional-programming-related
  conferences, groups, projects, bibliographies, journals,
  implementations, and so on.

The intention is that both mailing list and Web page will persist from
year to year, so that you have a convenient way to keep in touch with
functional programming meetings.

Please do circulate this information locally to your colleagues who may
not otherwise see this.

Simon Peyton Jones
General Chair, ICFP'97