CS research fellowship for women

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The Department of Computing Science at the
Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg
announces a four year research fellowship available to women. This is
a postdoctoral position, on which you will be expected to devote
around 25% of your time to teaching and the rest to research. The
appointment will be for two years initially, but will be extended by a
further two assuming satisfactory progress. The monthly salary will be
in the range SEK 20000 to 23000, based on experience.

The position is open to researchers in any area of computer
science. The major research topics represented in the department are
programming logic and type theory, functional programming,
concurrency, algorithms for discrete optimisation, and cognition
technology. More information about our department is available on


To apply, you must have a PhD awarded no more than five years ago, and
you must be a woman.  Send us a CV, covering your research and your
teaching experience, and any other relevant experience, and giving the
names of referees. Include copies of any papers you would like us to
take into account: they will be read by the external experts who will
evaluate the applications.  Send two packets, each containing a copy
of your CV, and of the research papers and other documents you wish to
include. The last date for applications to arrive is June 13, 1996.
Send your two packets (marked with reference number 71/96) to The
Personnel Department, Chalmers University of Technology, 412 96
Gothenburg, Sweden.

More information about this appointment can be obtained from Peter
Dybjer, peterd@cs.chalmers.se.

Both English and Swedish are used as working languages in our
department. As an English speaker, you will have no difficulty at work
and little difficulty in communicating with ordinary people. However,
you will naturally wish to learn Swedish in order to get the most from
your experiences here.

Gothenburg is a city of around 400,000 on the beautiful west coast of
Sweden. As Sweden's second city, it offers a rich variety of cultural
activities, and thanks to its location excellent opportunities for
outdoor activities. Tourist information about Gothenburg is available


and about Sweden in general on