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Marc Tommasi
Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille
Batiment M3 -- Cite Scientifique
Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille 
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq CEDEX

Phone: (+33) 20 43 42 55
Fax:   (+33) 20 43 65 66

                     TAPSOFT'97 -- CALL FOR PAPERS

                   April 14-18, 1997 -- Lille, FRANCE 

                 DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS : 13 Oct 1996

TAPSOFT'97 is the Seventh International Joint Conference on the Theory
and Practice of Software Development. The TAPSOFT series was started
in Berlin in 1985, on the initiative of Hartmut Ehrig and Christiane
Floyd (among others).  Since then it has been held biennially, in
Pisa, Barcelona, Brighton, Orsay and Aarhus. The overall aim of
TAPSOFT was formulated as:

 to bring together theoretical computer scientists and software
 engineers (researchers and practitioners) with a view to    
 discussing how formal methods can usefully be applied in software

TAPSOFT is traditionally composed of CAAP -- Colloquium on Trees in
Algebra and Programming, and FASE -- Colloquium on Formal Approaches
in Software Engineering.  In recognition of the importance of support
tools for practical use of formal approaches, TAPSOFT'97 will also
have (at least) a session where TOOLS are demonstrated.

The five first editions of CAAP were held in Lille, from 1976 to 1980.
CAAP'97 will be the last one thus it comes back to Lille. In 1998, a
new joint conference, ETAPS (European joint conferences on Theory and
Practice of Software) will be held yearly in Spring. It is the
successor of TAPSOFT and CAAP-ESOP-CC.

----------------------------------- CAAP ------------------------------------ 

Programme Committee:

S. Abramsky (UK)
A. Arnold (France) 
G. Ausiello (Italy) 
C. Boehm (Italy)    
M. Dauchet (chair, France) 
J. Diaz (Spain)
H. Ehrig (Germany)  
P. Franchi Zannettacci (France)  
J.-P. Jouannaud (France)
H. Kirchner (France)
U. Montanari (Italy) 
M. Nielsen (Denmark)
M. Nivat (France)
J.-F. Perrot (France)
J.-C. Raoult (France)  
S. Tison (France)

This colloquium series was originally devoted to the algebraic and
combinatorial properties of trees, and their role in various fields of
Computer Science. Now the scope of CAAP has been extended to other
discrete data structures and CAAP'97 will cover

  algebraic, logical and combinatorial properties of discrete structures
  and their applications to Computer Science.

Contributions on the following topics are especially welcome:

-- properties of discrete structures,
-- the theory of formal languages, 
-- syntax and semantics of programming languages,
-- algorithms and data-structures,
-- logic and formal verification,
-- theoretical problems arising in software development.

--------------------------------- FASE --------------------------------------

Programme Committee:

E. Astesiano (Italy)
D. Basin (Germany)
M. Bidoit (chair, France)
E. Brinskma (The Netherlands)
L. Cardelli (USA)               
A. Finkel (France)
J. Fitzgerald (UK)
P.G. Larsen (Denmark)
T. Henzinger (USA)
P. Klint (The Netherlands)
P. Mosses (Denmark)
F. Orejas (Spain)
D. Sannella (UK)
B. Steffen (Germany)
M. Wirsing (Germany)  

This colloquium aims at being a forum where different formal
approaches to problems of software specification, development, and
verification are presented, compared, and discussed. Contributions on
the following topics are especially welcome:

-- formal concepts for software development,
-- software development using formal methods,
-- formal approaches for real-time and distributed systems,
-- provably correct software and verification methods,
-- reports on case studies of applications of formal methods,
-- programming languages and type systems,
-- tools and environments supporting formal approaches -- possibly in 
   conjunction with demonstrations.

--------------------------- INVITED SPEAKERS --------------------------------

                          E. Astesiano    (Italy)
                          J.-P. Jouannaud (France)
                          T. Maibaum      (UK)
                          P. Mosses       (Denmark)
                          W. Thomas       (Germany)
                          F. Vaandrager   (The Netherlands)

------------------------ SUBMISSION TO TAPSOFT'97 ---------------------------

- Papers: 

Prospective authors are invited to submit
          => five copies of a full draft paper, 
      and => an electronic copy by e-mail 
             (plain text or uuencoded gziped PostScript), 
      and => an abstract by e-mail.

The final paper should be no more than 15 pages in the Springer-Verlag
format for Lecture Notes in Computer Science (the series in which the
Proceedings of TAPSOFT'97 should be published); see the back cover of
a recent volume for details. Submissions need not adhere to that
format, but those that are clearly too long will be rejected

Papers must be unpublished and not submitted for publication
elsewhere.  Papers that attempt to establish links between different
approaches and/or include expository or survey material, as well as
presenting original results, will be welcomed.

- Tools: 

Demonstrations of tools supporting formal approaches to software
development are welcome. Proposers of demonstrations should submit

=>  five copies of a brief description of the tools, making clear
    the relevance to TAPSOFT (about four pages), and an electronic
    copy by e-mail (plain text or uuencoded gziped PostScript).  The
    final abstract of tool demonstrations should be no more than 4
    pages in the Springer-Verlag format.
=>  The hardware and software requirements for installing and
    demonstrating the tools should be specified on a separate page.

---------------------------------- DATES -----------------------------------            

           13 Oct 1996    => Deadline for receipt of submissions 
            9 Dec 1996    => Notification of acceptance 
           15 Jan 1997    => Final paper due 
        14-18 Apr 1997    => Presentation at conference

Papers arriving late may be rejected immediately, without
refereeing. The receipt of all submitted papers will be acknowledged.

The address for submissions to CAAP is 

                        Max Dauchet (CAAP) 
                        Universite de Lille I 
                        LIFL -- Bat. M3 
                        59 655 VILLENEUVE D'ASCQ Cedex, FRANCE 
                        fax: (+33) 03 20 43 65 66 
                        email: submitcaap@lifl.fr

The address for submissions to FASE and Tools is:

                        Michel Bidoit (FASE) 
                        LIENS, Ecole Normale Superieure
                        45, rue d'Ulm 
                        75230 PARIS Cedex 05, FRANCE
                        fax: (+33) 01 44 32 20 80 
                        email: fase97@ens.fr 

----------------------------- SATELLITE MEETINGS ---------------------------

Facilities will be provided for holding short specialized workshops
and other meetings in conjunction with TAPSOFT'97. Please contact the
TAPSOFT organisers as soon as possible, if interested.

--------------------------- Additional informations -------------------------




TAPSOFT Steering Committee: 
A. Arnold, P. Degano, H. Ehrig, M.-C. Gaudel, T. Maibaum, U. Montanari, 
P.D. Mosses, M. Nivat, F. Orejas.

TAPSOFT'97 Organising Committee:
A.C. Caron (chair), Y. Andre, F. Bossut, J.L. Coquide, M. Dauchet, 
R. Gilleron, S. Tison, M. Tommasi.