ACM Summer School

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              ACM State of the Art Summer School
            September 8-14, 1996, Sobotka (Poland)

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary ACM introduces a  series
of  ``State  of  the Art Summer Schools in Computer Science'' in
Eastern European countries, aiming  at  young  faculty  members,
advanced  PhD  and  MSc students and other persons interested in
computer science.

Beside lectures the summer school will comprise presentations of
participants' actual research, intense discussions of actual and
future  research  projects,  and  ad  hoc  evening  panels   and
demonstrations.  Before  and  after  the summer school moderated
e-mail communication will be organized for all participants.

        + Martin Abadi (Digital SRC, Palo Alto)
        + Luca Cardelli (Digital SRC, Palo Alto)
        + Fritz Henglein (Univ. of Copenhagen)
        + Jens Palsberg (Aarhus Univ.)
        + John Reynolds (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)
        + Andrzej Tarlecki (Warsaw Univ.)
        + Jerzy Tiuryn (Warsaw Univ.)
        + Pawel Urzyczyn (Warsaw Univ.)

Program Chair
        Leszek Pacholski
        Institute of Computer Science
        University of Wroclaw
        ul. Przesmyckiego 20
        PL-51-151 Wroclaw, Poland
        e-mail: school@tcs.uni.wroc.pl

The conference fee (covering accomodation and food) is 540 zloty
(appr. 200 US$) if paid by June 30 and 640 zloty (appr. 240 US$)
if paid after June 30. For details please mail to

ACM provides a number of scholarships for participants attending
the  summer school outside of their country. For details, please
        Claus Unger
        Praktische Informatik II
        University of Hagen (FernUniversitaet)
        D 58084 Hagen, Germany
        Tel.: +49 2331 987-2999
        Fax: +49 2331 987-313
        e-mail: Claus.Unger@fernuni-hagen.de
by April 30.

To register please fill in the  enclosed  application  form  and
mail it to
or send a paper copy to
        Leszek Pacholski / ACM School
        Uniwersytet Wroclawski
        Instytut Informatyki
        ul. Przesmyckiego 20
        PL-51-151 Wroclaw, Poland
Deadline for registration is June 15, 1996.

For more information please visit the World Wide Web page
or send an e-mail to

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ACM State of the Art Summer School
Functional and Object Oriented Programming
September 8-14, 1996, Sobotka (Poland)

First name:
Date of birth:
Mail address:
Office phone:
Home phone:
Current status (please tick the appropriate answer):
        - undergraduate           
        - graduate       
        - beginning postgraduate
        - senior postgraduate     
        - postdoctoral    
        - senior lecturer
Current fields of interest in computer science:
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