New WWW Page: Logic-Related Conferences

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  Over the last few years there has been a proliferation of
conferences that overlap in their technical scope with the Symposium
on Logic in Computer Science (LICS).  These conferences are scheduled
with no prior coordination among them, which results quite often in
conflicts.  For example, in 1995 LICS and FPCA were at exactly the
same time and the same place with no prior coordination.

  In an attempt to address this situation, the LICS organization will
maintain a WWW page of conferences (including workshops) that have an
overlap with logic in computer science.  The first half of the page is
a list of conferences and associated contacts.  The second half is an
incomplete list of dates, some tentative and some fixed, for upcoming
meetings of these conferences.

  If you are an organizer of one of these conferences and have some
information you would like included in the page, please send mail to