Journal of Functional Programming: state of play

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	Journal of Functional Programming: the state of play


We are delighted to announce the publication of a special issue of JFP
5(3) on applications of functional programming.  Edited by Rinus
Plasmeijer and Pieter Hartel, it contains six papers on applications
ranging from photon transport to text retrieval, from spreadsheets to
solid modelling.

The titles of the papers are given below.  You can see their abstracts too
on the above URL.  (You'll also now find titles and abstracts for the whole
of Volumes 4 and 5, and titles for Volumes 1-3.)

We woul like to take this opportunity to encourage you to

		** submit papers to JFP **

At one point we had so many submissions that we built up rather a long print
queue, but Cambridge University Press have agreed to move from 4 to 6 issues
a year (starting in 1996), and to make them big issues, which has
effectively solved the print-queue problem.

We offer a 12-week turnaround to a decision about submitted papers, and
the delay from final manuscript to publication is now dropping fast (our
target is 3 months).

Please submit papers on any aspect of functional programming to any of the
		Henk Barendregt		henk@cs.kun.nl
		Paul Hudak		hudak@cs.yale.edu
		John Hughes		rjmh@cs.chalmers.se
		Simon Peyton Jones	simonpj@dcs.gla.ac.uk
		Philip Wadler		wadler@dcs.gla.ac.uk

You can find full details of the journal's scope, editorial policy, Latex
style files, and subscription information on the URL given above.

Simon Peyton Jones

		JFP Special Issue 5(3) (July 1995) on 

	State-of-the-art applications of pure functional programming

		Editors:  Pieter Hartel and Rinus Plasmeijer

* Comparing Id and Haskell in a Monte Carlo photon transport code,
  Jeffrey Hammes, Olaf Lubeck and Wim Bohm

* Funser: a functional server for textual information retrieval,
  Donald A Ziff, Stephen P Spackman and Keith Waclena

* Prototyping a parallel vision system in Standard ML,
  Greg Michaelson and Norman Scaife

* Implementing a functional spreadsheet in Clean
  Walter A.C.A.J.De Hoon, Luc M.W.J.Rutten and Marko C.J.D. Van Eekelen

* A polymorphic library for constructive solid geometry
  J.R. Davy and P.M. Dew

* Exploring the conformations of nucleic acids
  Marcel Turcotte, Guy Lapalme and Francois Major