Two postdoctoral posts in Gothenburg


The Department of Computing Science at the Chalmers University of
Technology and Goteborgs University announces two postdoctoral fellow

The Department of Computing Science has about 30 staff members and
about 25 PhD students.  The department receives funding from Esprit,
and from the Swedish Government agencies TFR and NUTEK.  The major
topics of research are programming logic and type theory, functional
programming and concurrency, but research is also carried out in a
number of other topics.

The postdoctoral positions are four year fellowships.  The
postdoctoral fellow will take part in research, supervision of
research students and teaching. The position is intended for a younger
researcher with a good research record, and the intention is that the
fellowship holder obtains the experience necessary for becoming an
associate professor during the four years. The postdoctoral fellow
will spend about 75 per cent of his or her time on research and about
25 per cent on teaching. Applicants must have a PhD and a good
research record. The department tries to increase the number of female
employees, and welcomes female applicants. Further details can be
obtained from Christer Carlsson, Head of the Department. (Tel:
+46-31-772 1038. Email: carlsson@cs.chalmers.se).

To apply, send us a CV in English, covering your research and your
teaching experience, and any other relevant experience, and giving the
names of referees. Send three packets, each containing a copy of your
CV, and of the research papers and other documents you wish to
include. The last date for the application to arrive is 16 October 1995.
The application should be marked with "Ref. No. E333 2836/95" and be
sent to The Registrar, Goteborgs University, Vasaparken, 411 24
Gothenburg, Sweden.