Types Forum policy

	[Since it is relevant, I am distributing this conference
	announcement.   -- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

Does the above message bug you?  Do you think I'm being too lenient
or too strict in posting conference announcements?

At the start of a New Year, I though it might be helpful to review
the policy of the Types Forum.

My general policy is to post a conference announcement only if it
specifically mentions one of the Types Forum topics (see the list
below).  I have declined to post announcement of logic programming,
functional programming, or algebraic semantics meetings that do not
explicitly mention types in their call for participation.

I am somewhat more lenient with job announcements.  I figure if they
send it here, then they want our readers to apply.  And I assume some
readers may be more keen to see job announcements than conference

Technical announcements are almost always relevant.  But please
remember to include a descriptive subject line!

Do let me know if you are pleased or displeased by this policy.  I'll
summarise any messages I receive (unless you ask me not to), and make
a single posting in a week or so.  Happy typing!  -- P


TYPES is a moderated e-mail forum focusing on Type Theory in Computer
Science, with a broad view of the subject encompassing semantical,
categorical, operational, and proof theoretical topics.  Typical
topics include:

	Typed, untyped, or polymorphic lambda calculus; type checking,
	inference, and reconstruction; dependent types, calculus of
	constructions, the lambda cube; linear logic, the Curry-Howard
	correspondence; recursive types; adequate and fully abstract
	models; domain theory; category theory; term reduction, strong
	normalization, confluence; abstract data types, type systems
	for object-oriented programming.

Comments and criticisms of results in the literature, open problems,
and research queries are encouraged.  Announcements of relevant
meetings, publications, and abstracts of papers are also welcome.

Please include an informative subject line with your message.  If you
announce a new paper, the subject line should state the subject of the
paper, not `Paper announcement'.

Conference announcements of a general nature should not be sent to the
Types Forum.  The usual criterion for deciding relevance is that the
announcement should mention one or more subjects in the list above.  A
good place for general announcements is Theory-A, the Theory Net
events list: send announcements or requests to subscribe to

Please send submissions to <types@dcs.glasgow.ac.uk>, and requests to
subscribe or unsubscribe to <types-request@dcs.glasgow.ac.uk>.