garbled paper

It has just come to my attention that my paper, *-Autonomous categories
and linear logic, that appeared in Vol 1 of MSCS got garbled.  Virtually
all occurrences of ^\bot appear to have been changed to ~\bot so that
instead of V^\bot, you get V \bot (with extra space).  The only
exceptions occur when the ^\bot immediately follows a close parenthesis.
I had sent them a TeX file, so there is no excuse for this change, which
was doubtless made by an editorial assistant because they thought they
were improving the paper.  What it does is make it almost impossible to
make sense of.  I am astonished that in five years, nobody brought it to
my attention.  The corrected paper (with one or two cosmetic changes to
kill overfull boxes) is about to be posted on my ftp directory.  Note
also that the theorem numbering scheme has changed, back to what it was
in the original, but they no longer conform to the printed version.
Michael Barr