Robin Milner - 1991 Turing Award Winner

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Subject:    Turing and Karl V. Karlstrom awards

     The 1991 recipients for the A.M. Turing and Karl V. Karlstrom
awards have been announced.  Professor Robin Milner of the University
of Edinburgh is the 1991 Turing Award winner, and Professor David A.
Patterson, Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science at Berkeley, is the Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding
Educator Award winner.

    The short citation for Prof. Milner follows:  "Working in challenging
areas of computer science for twenty years, Robin Milner has established
an international reputation for several distinct and complete achievements:
LCF, probably the first theoretically based yet practical tool for machine-
assisted proof construction;  ML, the first language to include polymorphic
type inference and a type-safe exception-handling mechanism;  CCS, a general
theory of concurrency;  and full abstraction, the study of the relationship
between operational and denotational semantics."

     The short citation for Prof. Patterson follows: "For his pioneering work
on RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing), his course series work on RISC
that produced a whole generation of academicians, and for his novel approach
to teaching computer science to non-computer science majors."

     Both Milner and Patterson will be attending the award ceremony at CSC'92.