Coq Version 5.6 is available!

Date: Thu, 31 Oct 91 12:58:20 +0100

Hello. We are releasing Coq, our Proof Assistant for the 
Calculus of Inductive Constructions.

Should you be interested in trying it out, proceed as follows.
Connect to our ftp server by
ftp nuri.inria.fr
with Name anonymous and Password your email address.
If your name server does not find nuri, access with

Then do
cd esprit/bra/coq
get coq.tar.Z

Now uncompress coq.tar.Z, untar coq, and follow the README instructions.

Coq runs in CAML V3.1, also available on nuri in directory
lang/caml/V3.1. Versions are currently available for the following machines:
Sun3, Sun4, Decstation, SONY68k, SONYR3000, Apollo, and Macintosh/AUX.

We shall appreciate all comments, suggestions, bug reports.
Send your mail to: coq@margaux.inria.fr