OOL paper available by ftp

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 14:37:15 EDT

A copy of my paper (in .dvi format), which will appear in the proceedings
of the MFPS '91 Symposium, is available by anonymous ftp from Williams.
Instructions appear after the title and abstract below:

The Equivalence of Two Semantic Definitions for 
Inheritance in Object-Oriented Languages

by Kim B. Bruce, Williams College
A simple language is presented which supports inheritance in
object-oriented languages.  Using this language, the definitions for the
semantics of inheritance given in \cite{CookCH90} and \cite{MitchPOPL90}
are compared and shown to be equivalent.  The equivalence is shown by
presenting and comparing two denotational semantics of the simple language
which capture the essence of each of the earlier semantics.

You can ftp the file from cs.williams.edu where it can be found in the 
directory pub/kim.

To get it type:
>ftp cs.williams.edu
log in with "anonymous" and then enter your user id as password.
Then type:
>cd pub/kim
>get inherit.dvi

At that point you should have the paper.  Use the appropriate local command
to print it out (we use dvips).  If your printer does not have much memory,
it may choke on the paper.  If so, print it out about 10 pages at a time
and you should have no problem.

Comments are always welcome

	Kim Bruce