Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 15:55:09 +0100

		    C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

			    | C A A P |
			    | E S O P |
			    | 1 9 9 2 |

		CAAP '92	Colloquium on Trees in
				Algebra and Programming
		ESOP '92	European Symposium
				On Programming
			|		|
  _!_   _!_   _!_   _!_ \  R E N N E S  / _!_   _!_   _!_   _!_
  /|\   /|\   /|\   /|\  \	       /  /|\   /|\   /|\   /|\
     _!_   _!_   _!_   _!_\  1 9 9 2  /_!_   _!_   _!_   _!_
     /|\   /|\	 /|\   /|\ \         / /|\   /|\   /|\   /|\

	                   CAAP '92

CAAP is the acronym  for " Colloque sur  les Arbres en Algebre et en
Programmation". The previous 16 colloquia were held in France, Italy,
Germany,  Spain, Denmark, England. Every even year, as in '92, it is
held jointly with ESOP,  and every other year, it is part of TAPSOFT
(Theory And Practice of SOFTware development).
    In the beginning, CAAP was devoted to algebraic and combinatorial
properties of trees,  and  their  role in various Eelds  of  computer
science. Now, the scope  of  CAAP has been extended to other discrete
data structures,  like graphs,  equations and transformations on them,
logical definitions for sets of graphs, etc.
    Typical applications of interest are the syntax and  semantics  of
programming  languages, including concurrent  and  logic  programmiin, Germany)
M. Steinby		(Turku, Finland)
C. Stirling		(Edinburg, Great Britain)
W. Thomas		(Kiel, Germany)
J. Tiuryn		(Warsaw, Poland)

                 ESOP '92

ESOP is the acronym of European Symposium On Programming. The previous
symposia were held in Germany, France and Denmark. They continue lines
begun in France and Germany under the names Colloque sur la Programmation
and the GI workshops on Programmiersprachen und Programmentwicklung.
  ESOP addresses fundamental issues  and important developments in the
specification and implementation of programming languages and systems.
Papers are especially encouraged that describe practical work based on
theory  or computer experiments  implementing theoretical concepts and
formal models.


B. Krieg_Brueckner	(Bremen,Germany) chairman
E. Astesiano		(Genova, Italy)
G. Cousineau		(Paris, France)
O._J. Dahl		(Oslo, Norway)
H. Kirchner		(Nancy, France)
T. Maibaum		(London, Great Britain)
A. Mazurkiewicz		(Warsaw, Poland)
P. Mosses		(Aarhus, Denmark)
B. Nordstroem		(Goeteborg, Sweden)
F. Orejas		(Barcelona, Spain)
D. Sannella		(Edinburgh, Great Britain)
P. Wadler		(Glasgow, Great Britain)
R. Wilhelm		(Saarbruecken, Germany)


B. Courcelle		(Bordeaux, France)
O.J. Dahl		(Oslo, Norway)
H. Ganzinger		(Saarbruecken, Germany)
A. Tarlecki		(Warsaw, Poland)


Non_commercial software systems may be demonstrated in parallel with the
conference. Authors are invited to make a proposal for demonstrations to
the chairmen.


Deadline for submission:	September 6, 1991
NotiEcation of acceptance:	November 12, 1991
Final version due:		December 23, 1991
Conference:			February 24-28,  1992

The conference will be held at the University of Rennes I, on the campus
of Beaulieu. Prices will be kept as low as possible.


Authors are invited to submit 5 copies of a draft paper limited to 20 pages
(in  English).  Proofs of non trival results should be included.  Following
the tradition, the members of the programme committee do not submit papers,
even co-authored.
    Send to the CAAP programme chairman:

	J._C. Raoult, CAAP
	IRISA, Campus de Beaulieu
	email: raoult@irisa.fr

or to the ESOP programme chairman:

	B. Krieg_Brueckner, ESOP
	FB Mathematik und Informatik
	Universitaet Bremen
	Postfach 330 440
	BRD_2800 BREMEN 33
	email: bkb@informatik.uni_Bremen.de