Date: Tue, 5 Mar 91 14:25:47 -0500

          11-th International Conference on Automated Deduction

                        Saratoga Springs, NY   USA
                             June 14-18, 1992

                         PRELIMINARY  ANNOUNCEMENT

     CADE  is  the  major  research  forum  covering  all  aspects  of
     automated deduction.  Original papers in automated deduction (for
     nonclassical as well as classical logics) are  invited;  specific
     topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

     Applications           Induction               Program Synthesis
     Abductive Reasoning    Inference Systems       Rewrite Rules
     Deductive Databases    Logic Programming       Theorem Proving
     Decision Procedures    Program Verification    Unification Theory

          CADE-11 will be held at  the  Ramada  Renaissance  Hotel  in
     Saratoga Springs, NY and will be hosted by the  State  University
     of New York at Albany.  Saratoga  Springs  is  located  about  25
     miles (40 km) north of the Albany airport.

          Original research papers,  system  summaries  that  describe
     working  reasoning systems, and problem sets that provide innova-
     tive, challenging tests for automated reasoning systems, are sol-
     icited.   Research  papers should not exceed 5000 words in length
     (about 15 proceedings pages).  System summaries and problem  sets
     will be limited to two and five proceedings pages, respectively.

          The title page of the  submission  should  include  author's
     name,  address,  phone  number, and email address. Papers must be
     unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere.  Submis-
     sions  that  are  late, too long, or that require major revision,
     risk rejection.

          Authors should send 6 copies of their submission to the Pro-
     gram Chair.

            Program Chair               Local Arrangements Chair
        _____________________         ____________________________
         Deepak Kapur                  Neil V. Murray
         (518) 442-4281                (518) 442-3393
         kapur@cs.albany.edu           nvm@cs.albany.edu

                   Institute for Programming and Logics
                Department of Computer Science   CSI LI67A
                  State University of New York at Albany
                            Albany, NY  12222

          Preliminary inquiries may be sent to the Program  or  to the
     Local  Arrangements  Chair.   The  Program  Committee, submission
     deadline, notification date, and camera-ready copy due date  will
     be announced in a future mailing.