2nd Russian Conference on Logic Programming

Date: Fri, 01 Mar 91 14:15:13 -0800

            2nd Russian Conference on Logic Programming           


   September 11-16, 1991, Leningrad (or possibly St.Petersburg)   

The 2nd Russian Conference on Logic Programming  is  organized  by 
the Russian  Association  for  Logic  Programming,  Joint  Venture 
"Intertech"  (Moscow),  International  Laboratory  of  Intelligent 
Systems (Novosibirsk) and Eurobalt Corp. It will take  place  from 
September 11 to September 16. The first two  days  the  Conference 
will be held in Leningrad (or, as we  hope,  in  St.  Petersburg). 
>From September 13 it will continue on the board of a  ship  coming 
along Neva River or  Ladoga  Lake.  The  Conference  program  will 
include welcome party, 4 days of sessions and  conference  dinner. 
The size of the ship allows to invite 150 participants. We  expect 
about 100 participants from the USSR  and  about  50  participants 
>from abroad. The conference fee is 400 USD  for  participants  and 
450 USD for accompanying persons. The conference fee includes full 
board on the ship from the evening of September 11 to the  morning 
of September 16.  Participants from the Eastern  countries  should 
contact one of the co-chairs of the Organizing Committee about the 
possibility to pay in the local currency. The official language is 
English. Conference proceedings will be published in a volume of a 
series  Lecture  Notes  in  Artificial  Intelligence  by  Springer 
Verlag. Papers in all areas of Logic Programming are welcome. Send 
5 copies of an extended abstract (up to 15 double spaced pages) to 
the Conf. Secretary at the following address:

Gorchinskaya O.Yu.
Institut of Control Systems
Profsoyuznaya 65
117342 Moscow

   Important dates:

   May 15 - deadline for submission of papers;
   June 10 - notification of accepting or rejection 

     Due to problems  of  communicating  by  mail  the  organizing 
committee decided to publish  proceedings  after  the  Conference. 
Participants should deliver camera-ready copies to  the  beginning 
of the Conference.

   We recommend you to send the paper at least  one  month  before 
the deadline for submission. In other case we  can  not  guarantee 
that it will arrive at the time. We also ask to send separately by 
email or fax the following information: full name, address,  title 
of the talk, phone  and  fax  numbers  to  one  of  the  following 

Andrei Voronkov
Universitetski prospect 4
630090 Novosibirsk 90
fax +7-383-2-350860
email voronkov@math.nsk.su

Eugene Dantsin
email dantsin@tor.spb.su

Those who wish to participate without presenting paper should send 
the same information except the title of the talk to the same  fax 
number or email addresses. But the number of participants is  very 
limited and we can not guarantee participation.   The  usual  mail 
can be  extremely  slow  (usually  three  weeks  from  Europe  but 
sometimes much longer. So the only reliable way to communicate  is 
via fax, telephone or email.  By  this  reason  we  shall  try  to 
consider also some late applications (but not very late). 

Invited Speakers:

M.Bruynooghe (Katholieke Univ., Leuven, Belgium)
F.Bry (ECRC, Munich, Germany)
Yu.Gavrilenko (Computer Center, Moscow, Russia)
G.Mints (Inst. of Cybernetics, Tallinn, Estonia)
E.Shapiro (Weizmann Inst.of Sci., Rehovot, Israel)

Program Committee:                 Organizing Committee

D.Yu.Boulanger Moscow              E.Ya.Dantsin (Leningrad)
E.Ya.Dantsin (Leningrad)           O.Yu.Gorchinskaya(Moscow) 
A.I.Degtyarev (Kiev)               R.Freidson (Leningrad) - co-chair
A.Ya.Dikovskii (Moscow) -chair     A.A.Voronkov (Novosibirsk) -
Yu.Gavrilenko (Moscow)                    co-chair
N.I.Iliinski (Moscow)
G.E.Mints (Tallinn)
K.P.Vershinin (Kiev)
A.A.Voronkov (Novosibirsk)

   Other information may be obtained by  the  following  telephone 

Olga Gorchinskaya (Moscow)    +7-095-431-22-48

Eugene Dantsin (Leningrad)    +7-812-511-30-52

Robert Freidson (Leningrad)   +7-812-233-62-91

Andrei Voronkov (Novosibirsk) +7-383-2-350860