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  • No courses scheduled for 2012-13 academic year (I am on sabbatical)

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CIS 455/555 focuses on the fundamentals of serving and sharing information in an Internet and Web world. We examine remote procedure calls and web services; application servers and middleware; XML as a mechanism for exhanging information; and keyword search and retrieval of documents. There is a substantial group implementation project to reinforce the fundamentals and to provide experience with real-world technologies.

CIS 550 teaches the fundamentals of database design, querying, and data modeling (for relational, object-oriented, and XML data), and it will also cover the basic architecture and implementation of databases. The goals of the course are (1) to provide a working knowledge of database usage and (2) to provide a basic foundation for doing research in the database field. The course textbook is Database Management Systems by Ramakrishnan and Gehrke, and there is a term project.

CIS 650 investigates how database systems are designed and implemented in today's web-based world. The course is mostly oriented around reading landmark and state-of-the-art research papers, and we will cover relational and XML query processing and indexing, transaction management, concurrency control, distribution, and many other issues.

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