Systems Lunch Reading List

Spring 2006

Levine 512, Fridays, 12:00-1:30
Co-organized by Ives, Lewis, and Martin


This semester's focus is on key ideas in operating systems, communication, and protection, again looking at the preeminent papers in the literature.


We will roughly alternate between paper discussions and presentations of ongoing work in the systems groups at Penn.  Presentations should be no more than 45 minutes and geared to a general systems audience.  For presentations of local work, the audience is expected to give feedback and positive suggestions for improvement.


Paper or Current Work Date Presenter
Micah Sherr.  TBA 1/27 Micah
EW Dijkstra.  The Structure of the" THE"-Multiprogramming System.  CACM 1968. 2/3 Drew
Vlad Petric.  Practice job talk:  RENO. 2/10 Vlad
JH Saltzer.  Protection and the Control of Information Sharing in Multics.  CACM 1974. 2/17 Margaret
Marc Corliss.  Practice job talk: DISE. 2/24 Marc
DM Ritchie, K Thompson.  The UNIX Time-Sharing System.  CACM 1974. 3/3 Matt
DR Engler, MF Kaashoek, JO'Toole.  Exokernel: An Operating System Architecture for Application-Level Resource Management 3/17 Tingting
Nick Taylor.  Distributed reconciliation in the Orchestra system. 3/24 Nick
Colin Blundell.  TBA 3/31 Colin
B. Lampson. Protection. Fifth Princeton Symposium on Information Sciences and Systems, Princeton University, March 1971, pp. 437-443, reprinted in Operating Systems Review, Jan. 1974, pp. 18-24. 4/7 Eric
TJ Green.  TBA 4/14 TJ
Kung and Robinson: On Optimistic Methods for Concurrency Control ACM Transactions Database Systems, 6(2):213--226, June 1981. 4/21 Shirley
CAR Hoare.  Communicating Sequential Processes.  CACM 1978. 4/28 Greg

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