Li, Yishuai (李弈帥)

Doctoral student since 2016
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania

I am a proud member of the Programming Languages Research at Penn.

Here is my CV.


3330 Walnut St
Levine 565
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3409

Phone: (215) 573-2580
Availability: calendar



I am interested in formal methods and software verification. I hope to explore theories and techniques to specify and verify full functional correctness of computing systems.

Current Project

Past Projects


My name is pronounced as [li˨˩˦ i˥˩ ʂu̯æi̯˥˩] (lee ee shwhy). Its Korean spelling is 리혁수 [ɾiː çjʌk s͈uː] (ree hyuk soo). Please teach me how to read it in Japanese and Tiếng Việt!
I prefer the initial lys (in lowercase), or liys in case of conflict.

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