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Verbs with object sentential complements

Finite sentential complements:
S1.t:comp that/whether/if/nil  (600)0(600
S1.t:mode ind/sbjnct or S1.t:mode ind  (601)0(601
S1.t:assign-comp ind_nil/inf_nil 

The presence of an overt complementizer is optional. Non-finite sentential complements, do not permit for:

S1.t:comp nil  (603)0(603
S1.t:mode inf  (604)0(604
S1.t:assign-comp ind_nil/inf_nil  

Non-finite sentential complements, permit for:

S1.t:comp for/nil  (606)0(606
S1.t:mode inf  (607)0(607
S1.t:assign-comp ind_nil/inf_nil 

Cases like `*I want for to win' are independently ruled out due to a case feature clash between the acc assigned by for and the intrinsic case feature none on the PRO. Non-finite sentential complements, ECM:

S1.t:comp nil  (609)0(609
S1.t:mode inf  (610)0(610
S1.t:assign-comp ecm 

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