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Other Issues

There is a lingering problem with the auxiliaries that stems from the fact that there currently is no way to distinguish between the main verb and auxiliary verb behaviors for a given letter string within the morphology. This situation results in many unacceptable sentences being successfully parsed by the system. Examples of the unacceptable sentences are given below.
the miller cans tell a good story . (vs the farmer cans peaches in July .)  (425)0(425
David wills have finished by noon . (vs the old man wills his fortune to me .)  (426)0(426
Sarah needs not leave . (vs Sarah needs to leave .)  (427)0(427
Jennifer dares not be seen . (vs the young woman dares him to do the stunt .)  (428)0(428
Lila does use to like beans . (vs Lila does use her new cookware .) 

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