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$\langle$conj$\rangle$, possible values are but, and, or, comma, scolon, to, disc, nil
The $\langle$conj$\rangle$ feature is specified in the lexicon for each conjunction and is passed up to the root node of the conjunction tree. If the conjunction is and, the root $\langle$agr num$\rangle$ is $\langle$plural$\rangle$, no matter what the number of the two conjuncts. With or, the the root $\langle$agr num$\rangle$ is equated to the $\langle$agr num$\rangle$ feature of the right conjunct. The $\langle$conj$\rangle$=disc feature is only used at the root of the $\beta $CONJs tree. It blocks the adjunction of one $\beta $CONJs tree on another. The following equations are used, where Sr is the substitution node and Sc is the root node:
Sr.t:$\langle$conj$\rangle$ = disc  (566)0(566
Sc.b:$\langle$conj$\rangle$ = and/or/but/nil 

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