XTAG English Grammar: Release 2.24.2001

This web page contains the XTAG English grammar released on 2.24.2001. XTAG is distributed under the GPL. It is important that you read the following files before downloading any of the files on this page.

You will need gzip to unpack some of the packages listed below. To unpack a gzip-compressed tar file into the current directory, use some variation of the following command:

       gzip -dc the-file.tar.gz | tar -xvf -

The citation for the latest hardcopy version of the technical report available from the IRCS website is:

  author = 	 {XTAG Research Group},
  title = 	 {A Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar for English},
  institution =  {IRCS, University of Pennsylvania},
  year = 	 2001,
  number =	 {IRCS-01-03}

read this before installing english_gram.tar.gz

What's New in the Grammar
additions and changes in this grammar release.

the XTAG English grammar (release 2.24.2001)
Update posted: July 1, 2001. Previous data had an error in the syntax file.

detailed description of the English grammar
Postscript version

detailed description of the English grammar
PDF version (requires Acroread v3.0 or later)

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XTAG English Grammar Release 1/15/1999

XTAG English Grammar Release 8/31/1998

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