Wine Storage and Preservation

What doesn't work

After many years of frustration at conventional means of keeping left-over wine from going bad, I spend a couple of months of trying to develop better ways to store wine. (Why don't I just drink the whole bottle? I really can't drink a whole bottle of wine every night.) I tried the usual Vacuvin pumps, which don't get all the air out, and the nitrogen "squirt bottles", which do work O.K. if you use them very liberally (I used a dozen of them in one year before getting tired of buying them.) I also tried mylar bags (what bag-wine comes in), which I thought was clever, but you can't really wash them out. I also tried to devise clever mechanical means to keep the wine out of contact with air, hoping to invent and patent something.

Finally the obvious dawned on me!

What does work

If you pour your wine into smaller bottles, you can fill the bottles right to the top, and then the wine keeps perfectly. Screw-top bottles such as Perrier, San Pellegrino, and the little wine bottles you get on planes and trains work particularly well. Just make sure to "rebottle" within an hour of when you stop drinking!

Wine preservation methods: old and new

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Enjoy! - Lyle