CIS800- Crowd Data Sourcing: a Database Perspective

Spring Semester 2014, MW 12-1:30
Levine 612

Prof. Susan B. Davidson (566 Levine, 898-3490), office hours W 4-5 or by appointment.
Administrative Assistant
Cheryl Hickey (502 Levine North, 898-3538)
Course Goals
Crowd-based data sourcing is a new and powerful data procurement paradigm that engages Web users to collectively contribute data, analyze information and share opinions. We will study database issues associated with crowd data sourcing, in particular those being studied within five projects: MoDaS, CrowdSearcher , CrowdDB, SCoOP and Qurk.
Course Requirements
Students enrolled in the course will be expected to choose several papers to present, and do enough background research to to present the ideas of each paper well. They will also be expected to do a project, which can be either an implementation or a research project. The course grade will be based on the paper presentation, class participation/interaction, and the project.
Papers (tentative, subject to change)
Syllabus (tentative, subject to change)