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The SOL group at the University of Pennsylvania develops programming-language technology for improving software security. Specifically, we've been working on programming languages that allow programmers to specify advanced information-flow and access control security policies on data manipulated by the software.


Steve Zdancewic, Associate Professor
Limin Jia, Post Doc.
Karl Mazurak, Ph.D. Student
Jeff Vaughan, Ph.D. Student
Jianzhou Zhao, Ph.D. Student
Luke Zarko, Undergraduate Student


Stephen Tse, Ph.D. Student (Now at Google)
Peng Li, Ph.D. Student (Now at Google)
Joey Schorr, Masters Student (Now at Google)

Software Projects:


Related Projects:

Manifest Security at U. Penn. and CMU
The Grey Project at CMU.
SELinks at U. Maryland, College Park
Jif at Cornell University.
FlowCaml at INRIA.
Polymer at Princeton.
Cryptyc at DePaul University.
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This research has been supported in part by the following grants. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.
    - NSF CCR-0311204: Dynamic Security Policies
    - NSF CNS-0346939: CAREER: Language-based Distributed System Security
    - NSF CNS-0524059: Resource-guided Implementation of Secure Embedded Software
    - NSF CCF-0524035: Flexible, Decentralized Infomation-flow Control for Dynamic Environments
    - NSF CCF-0716469: Manifest Security
    - ONR: TIME-DC

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