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Queen Jane Approximately

Well, it's debatable as to whether there's any connection besides the name, but just for fun....

Subject: An approximate history of Queen Jane [real historians, please correct  and improve...]
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Queen Jane

A number of people have commented to me that the basic history evoked by the rather witty title Queen Jane Approximately is not necessarily in the minds of all American listeners. So I have been asked for a thumb-nail sketch...

You see, Queen Jane -- the original one -- is short-lived in her position as Queen, the implication being that Bob Dylan's Queen Jane also will tumble from her elevated position. Queen Jane was Queen of England for nine days!

An English ear sees the woman Bob Dylan knicknames Queen Jane in his song as an accomplished woman, manipulated by family, with high aspirations at a very young age, unaware of just how bleak her future really will be. Approximately. And Bobby Dylan will be there for her when she falls.

The historical Jane spoke and wrote Greek and Latin with considerable skill. She knew Hebrew, Chaldee and Arabic. She was extremely well educated and accomplished. She also had a very unhappy marriage to Lord Guilford Dudley.

Edward V1 made a settlement of the crown by deed to Jane. He died 6 July 1553. At 16 years of age Lady Jane was Queen of England.

The King's death was kept secret until Jane was proclaimed Queen on 10 July 1553.

The King's sister Mary was not in agreement with these developments. Armies were raised, but council revoked former acts as done under coercion and Queen Mary was proclaimed Queen of England on 19 July 1553.

Jane relinquished the crown saying she had only accepted it out of obedience to her parents. She and her father were committed to the Tower and she and her husband were beheaded for treason on 12 February 1554.

She is of course better know as Lady Jane Grey, and the appellation Queen Jane rings odd to English ears, even now.

Now Bobby may have read a book, or he may have seen some Hollywood film, but the nickname alone evokes quite a bit, I think...

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