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Knocked Out Loaded

Not a song, but an album title. It comes from the song "Junco Partner":

                Junko Partner   "Down the road, down the road
                                 I spied my junko partner.
                                 He was loaded as can be
                                 He was knocked out,
                                 Knocked out loaded,
                                 He was loaded with mis-er-y"

This has been recorded by, among others, The Holy Modal Rounders on "Flop Eared Mule", and by the Clash on Sandinista!

(okay, while I'm bringing this up, here's a question that's been on my mind since 1981: I bought my copy of Sandinista! a few months after a friend of mine bought it, which was immediately after it came out. The lyric sheet included with his version had the lyrics for "Junco Partner", but the lyric sheet with my copy does not! The reference to a Phil Ochs song is also taken out my copy. What's the story?)

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