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"...everything happens in its own time. Woody Guthrie was who he was because he came along in the time he came along in. For me was like a link in a chain. Like I am for other people, and we all are for somebody."

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Hello. This page has been stored as a .gz file on a hard drive since 1996. I just put it up again, and other than this update it hasn't been changed since then. Kind of odd looking at it again. I took it down before for two reasons (1) space on my hard drive, and (2) because there was another page, formerly called Roots, Routes and Ramblings, that was more extensive and covered the same (and more) material, so I figured, why bother. The other page however has been taken down due to a threatening letter from some organization acting on behalf of alleged trademark Bob Dylan. It is obviously a coincidence that this trademark has the same sequence of characters as in the name of the musician Bob Dylan, whose songs inspired the work here. So this page is back up in case anyone is interested.

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