Anubhav Sharma Technologist Intern
Quantitative Research
Morningstar Inc.


Anubhav is a Technologist Intern for
Quantitative Research at Morningstar where
he is implementing techniques like PCA,
regression, and Factor-augmented Vector
autoregression (FAVAR) in Python to analyze the
evolution of macroeconomic variables in response
to macroeconomic and sectoral shocks, specifically
the Federal Funds Rate.

He is a rising senior at Haverford College double majoring
in Computer Science and Mathematics. He works as
Teaching Assistant for computer science courses and
as Advising Intern for career office.

Recently, he was elected as the Officer of Academics
in the Students' Council. Along with being an
International Student Resource Person and co-leading
the South Asian Society, he serves on the Customs Committee
and on the board of International Students' Association.

Sharma is also pursuing accelerated
Masters of Science in Engineering in
Computer and Information Science (CIS/MSE)
at University of Pennsylvania thereby
taking courses like Machine Learning.

In Fall 2021, Sharma studied abroad
at King's College London and took
courses like cryptography and algebra!

His astrophysics research in exploring
HI rich low star forming galaxies with
Prof. Karen Masters and Dr. David Stark
has been submitted to Monthly Notices of
the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS).

During research, Sharma delivered
scientific posters/ presentations at
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Collaboration 2020,
Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium Symposium 2020,
Month of MaNGA 2020, and 237th American
Astronomical Society Meeting 2021.

Born and raised in Nepal,
Anubhav completed his School Level Certificate
from St. Xavier's Godavari School in 2016 and
Cambridge International A-Levels from
Rato Bangala School in 2018.