Sebastian Angel

Raj and Neera Singh Assistant Professor

Department of Computer and Information Science

University of Pennsylvania

Levine Hall, Office 604

3330 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104


I'm an assistant professor of Computer and Information Science at Penn and a senior researcher at Microsoft Research.

At Penn, I'm part of the Distributed Systems Laboratory, the Security and Privacy Laboratory, and The Warren Center for Network and Data Sciences. I'm the recipient of an NSF CAREER Award, a JPMorgan Faculty Award, the ACM SIGOPS Dennis M. Ritchie Dissertation Award, and the Bert Kay Best Dissertation Award.

I'm broadly interested in systems, security, privacy, and networking. My work aims to:


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Addax: A fast, private, and accountable ad exchange infrastructure

Ke Zhong, Yiping Ma, Yifeng Mao, and Sebastian Angel

NSDI 2023, Boston, MA, April 2023. [abstract, paper]

Executing Microservice Applications on Serverless, Correctly

Konstantinos Kallas, Haoran Zhang, Rajeev Alur, Sebastian Angel, and Vincent Liu

POPL 2023, Boston, MA, January 2023. [abstract, paper, code]

Ibex: Privacy-preserving ad conversion tracking and bidding

Ke Zhong, Yiping Ma, and Sebastian Angel

CCS 2022, Los Angeles, CA, November 2022. [abstract, paper, extended report, code]

Efficient Representation of Numerical Optimization Problems for SNARKs

Sebastian Angel, Andrew J. Blumberg, Eleftherios Ioannidis, and Jess Woods

USENIX Security 2022, Boston, MA, August 2022. [abstract, paper, extended report, code]

Incremental Offline/Online PIR

Yiping Ma, Ke Zhong, Tal Rabin, and Sebastian Angel

USENIX Security 2022, Boston, MA, August 2022. [abstract, paper, extended report, code]

Optimizing Data-intensive Systems in Disaggregated Data Centers with TELEPORT

Qizhen Zhang, Xinyi Chen, Sidharth Sankhe, Zhilei Zheng, Ke Zhong,
Sebastian Angel, Ang Chen, Vincent Liu, and Boon Thau Loo

SIGMOD 2022, Philadelphia, PA, June 2022. [abstract, paper]

Rolis: a software approach to efficiently replicating multi-core transactions

Weihai Shen, Ansh Khanna, Sebastian Angel, Siddhartha Sen, and Shuai Mu

EuroSys 2022, Rennes, France, April 2022. [abstract, paper, code]

Packet scheduling with optional client privacy

Andrew Beams, Sampath Kannan, and Sebastian Angel

CCS 2021, Virtual Conference, November 2021. [abstract, paper, code]

Mycelium: Large-Scale Distributed Graph Queries with Differential Privacy

Edo Roth, Karan Newatia, Yiping Ma, Ke Zhong, Sebastian Angel, and Andreas Haeberlen

SOSP 2021, Virtual Conference, October 2021. [abstract, paper, code]

Bringing Decentralized Search to Decentralized Services

Mingyu Li, Jinhao Zhu, Tianxu Zhang, Cheng Tan, Yubin Xia, Sebastian Angel, and Haibo Chen

OSDI 2021, Virtual Conference, July 2021. [abstract, paper]

Fault-tolerant and transactional stateful serverless workflows

Haoran Zhang, Adney Cardoza, Peter Baile Chen, Sebastian Angel, and Vincent Liu

OSDI 2020, Banff, Canada, November 2020. [abstract, paper, extended report, code]

Understanding the Effect of Data Center Resource Disaggregation on Production DBMSs

Qizhen Zhang, Yifan Cai, Xinyi Chen, Sebastian Angel, Ang Chen, Vincent Liu, and Boon Thau Loo

VLDB 2020, Tokyo, Japan, August 2020. [abstract, paper]

Verifiable state machines: Proofs that untrusted services operate correctly

Srinath Setty, Sebastian Angel, and Jonathan Lee

ACM SIGOPS OSR, Volume 54, Issue 1, July 2020. [abstract, paper]

Disaggregation and the Application

Sebastian Angel, Mihir Nanavati, and Siddhartha Sen

HotCloud 2020, Boston, MA, July 2020. [abstract, paper, slides]

A filesystem for safely interacting with untrusted USB flash drives

Ke Zhong, Zhihao Jiang, Ke Ma, and Sebastian Angel

HotStorage 2020, Boston, MA, July 2020. [abstract, paper]

Private resource allocators and their applications

Sebastian Angel, Sampath Kannan, and Zachary Ratliff

S&P 2020 (Oakland), San Francisco, CA, May 2020. [abstract, paper, slides, code]

Rethinking Data Management Systems for Disaggregated Data Centers

Qizhen Zhang, Yifan Cai, Sebastian Angel, Ang Chen, Vincent Liu, and Boon Thau Loo

CIDR 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands, January 2020. [abstract, paper]


My lab at Penn is generously funded by: