Sebastian Angel

Raj and Neera Singh Term Assistant Professor

Department of Computer and Information Science

University of Pennsylvania

Levine Hall, Office 604

3330 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104


I'm an assistant professor of Computer and Information Science at UPenn, and I'm part of the Distributed Systems Laboratory and The Warren Center for Network and Data Sciences. I also run Penn's security reading group. Prior to joining Penn, I was a visiting academic at NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and spent a lot of time working with amazing folks at Microsoft Research in the Cambridge, Redmond, and New York City labs.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science from UT Austin where I was part of the Laboratory for Advanced Systems Research and was advised by Michael Walfish.

My work studies different aspects of systems, security, privacy, and networking. I'm particularly interested in:



Recent publications (see all)

Private resource allocators and their applications

Sebastian Angel, Sampath Kannan, and Zachary Ratliff

S&P 2020 (Oakland), San Francisco, CA, May 2020.

Rethinking Data Management Systems for Disaggregated Data Centers

Qizhen Zhang, Yifan Cai, Sebastian Angel, Ang Chen, Vincent Liu, and Boon Thau Loo

CIDR 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands, January 2020. [abstract, paper]

Disaggregation and the Application

Sebastian Angel, Mihir Nanavati, and Siddhartha Sen

arXiv 1910.13056, October 2019. [abstract, paper]

Deferred Runtime Pipelining for contentious multicore software transactions

Shuai Mu, Sebastian Angel, and Dennis Shasha

EuroSys 2019, Dresden, Germany, March 2019. [abstract, paper, extended report, slides]

Proving the correct execution of concurrent services in zero-knowledge

Srinath Setty, Sebastian Angel, Trinabh Gupta, and Jonathan Lee

OSDI 2018, Carlsbad, CA, October 2018. [abstract, paper, extended report]

What's a little leakage between friends?

Sebastian Angel, David Lazar, and Ioanna Tzialla

WPES 2018, Toronto, Canada, October 2018. [abstract, paper, slides]

PIR with compressed queries and amortized query processing

Sebastian Angel, Hao Chen, Kim Laine, and Srinath Setty

S&P 2018 (Oakland), San Francisco, CA, May 2018. [abstract, paper, slides, code]