Math 691 Fall 2007, MW 10:30-12 DRL 3C8

Topics in Mathematical Foundations of Computer Security

Professor Andre Scedrov

Office: Room 4E6 in David Rittenhouse Laboratory
Telephone: eight five nine eight three ( Math. Dept. Office: eight eight one seven eight )
Fax: three four zero six three
E-mail: lastname at math
Office Hours: By appointment

About This Course

We will discuss network security protocols, authorization, privacy and anonymity, information flow, noninterference, multiple layer security, the relationship between formal and computational cryptography, computer tools for security analysis, and other topics. Prerequisites: permission of instructor or Math 690 Fall 2006.

Course grade will be based on student presentations and active student participation in the course.

A complementary seminar on foundations of cryptography will be led by Prof. Kearns in the CIS Department.


Selected Sources