Spring 2000

Math 570, M 2-4 W 3-4 DRL 4C6

Introduction to Logic and Computation

Professor Andre Scedrov

Office: Room 4E6 in David Rittenhouse Laboratory
Telephone: eight five nine eight three ( Math. Dept. Office: eight eight one seven eight )
Fax: three four zero six three
E-mail: lastname at math
Office Hours: By appointment

About This Course

From Encyclopaedia Britannica: Gödel's proof, which states that within any rigidly logical mathematical system there are propositions (or questions) that cannot be proved or disproved on the basis of the axioms within that system and that, therefore, it is uncertain that the basic axioms of arithmetic will not give rise to contradictions. This proof has become a hallmark of 20th-century mathematics, and its repercussions continue to be felt and debated.




Take-Home Midterm Due in Class Monday, March 27

Please start working on the midterm immediately after turning in the homework on February 28.

This is a complete list of midterm assignments due March 27.

Take-Home Final Exam Due in DRL 4E6 Monday, May 8 at 4 p.m.

Please start working on the final exam immediately.

This is a complete list of midterm assignments due Monday, May 8.