MKSE 150: Market & Social Systems on the Internet (Spring 2013)

Course Time and Location Tuesday and Thursday
LRSM Auditorium
(Walnut & 33rd)
Instructors Prof. Michael Kearns
Location: 509 Levine Hall
Prof. Aaron Roth
Location: 603 Levine Hall
Programming      Mentor Dr. S. Judd
Location: TBD
Teaching Assistants Lili Dworkin

Hoda Heidari
Course Description How do networks affect our ability to communicate with or influence one another, access or disseminate information, provide services, and conduct transactions? How do we use network structure to identify importance? How do the Internet and the systems on the Internet (Facebook, Google, etc.) actually work? This course will study these and other key issues about networks and networked behavior.
Topics covered Graphs, basics of game theory and mechanism design, information networks and search, social networks, ad auctions, Internet architectures and the cloud, ...
Format The format is two 1.5-hour lectures per week, plus assigned readings. There will be regular homework assignments, plus a midterm and a final exam.
Prerequisites CIS 110, Introduction to Programming I
Co-requisite: CIS 120, Introduction to Programming II
Suggested: CIS 160, Discrete Mathematics
Texts and readings
  • David Easley and Jon Kleinberg, Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World, Cambridge University Press
  • Additional materials will be provided as handouts or in the form of light technical papers.

Homework 35%, Midterm 30%, Participation 5%, Final 30%

All homework assignments should be done individually unless expressly allowed.

Other resources
Syllabus topics, slides, readings (frequently updated)
Assignments Homework 0 past due.
Homework 1 past due. solutions
Homework 2 past due. solutions
Homework 3 past due. solutions
Homework 4 past due. solutions
Homework 5 past due. solutions