For several years, I offered a short course called "Networked Life", on the science of social networks and related topics, on the Coursera platform. The videos for all of these lectures are provided below for open access and use. You are free to use these videos as part of your own courses with proper attribution. My preference is that you link to this site or the specific videos you like, as opposed to downloading the videos directly.

You might also be interested in the more extensive version of this course at the University of Pennsylvania.

Prof. Michael Kearns

All videos copyright Michael Kearns.

Course Overview

What is a Network?

Case Study: The Erdös Number Project

Navigation in (Social) Networks

Contagion and Tipping in Networks

How Do Real Networks Look? I. Heavy Tails

How Do Real Networks Look? II. Small Diameter

How Do Real Networks Look? III. Clustering of Connectivity

Models of Network Formation: I. The Erdös-Renyi Model

Models of Network Formation: II. Clustering Models

Models of Network Formation: III. Preferential Attachment

Navigation in Networks, Revisited

Important Vertices and the PageRank Algorithm

Toward Rational Dynamics in Networks

Basics of Game Theory

Games on Networks: Preview

Games on Networks: Coloring and Consensus

Games on Networks: Biased Voting

Trading in Networks: I. Model

Trading in Networks: II. Network Structure and Equilibrium

Trading in Networks: III. Behavioral Experiments

Internet Games: I. Packet Routing

Internet Games: II. Sponsored Search

Internet Games: III. Other Economic Problems

Network Formation Games

Closing Remarks