CIS 7000 (Spring 2023): Special Topics on Wireless and Mobile Sensing

Instructor: Mingmin Zhao
Time: Monday & Wednesday 12:00 - 1:30 PM
Location: Levine 512
Office Hour: TBD

Course Overview
The widespread use of wireless and mobile systems, combined with advances in machine learning, has led to the vision of the "Artificial-intelligence Internet of Things" (AIoT). In this vision, wireless signals not only interconnect, but also perceive and interact with people and the physical world. This graduate-level course will cover the fundamentals of wireless and mobile sensing, such as RF and acoustic propagation, signal processing, and machine learning. It will also explore their applications in various domains, such as digital health, human-computer interaction, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, climate and agriculture. In each lecture, we will discuss recent research papers that introduce new designs, algorithms, protocols and applications for wireless and mobile sensing. Students will also learn how to design and build AIoT systems through a semester-long research-oriented course project.

Grading Policy
This class will be graded as follows:
Reading Questions
We will be reviewing and discussing 1-2 assigned papers during each lecture. Please read the assigned papers before the class and submit a review by the midnight the night before the class (i.e., Sunday 11:59 PM for a Monday lecture and Tuesday 11:59 PM for a Wednesday lecture). Please submit your review here.

Course Schedule and Materials
Note: the schedule below is tentative and subject to change. Please check it regularly.
# Date Topic Assigned Paper Optional Reading and Notes
1 Wed, Jan 11 Course introduction & overview [Slides] How to Read a Paper
Mon, Jan 16 MLK, Jr. Day observed
2 Wed, Jan 18 Wireless Localization: WiFi [Slides] ArrayTrack
3 Mon, Jan 23 Wireless Localization: RFID [Slides] PinIt
4 Wed, Jan 25 Wireless Localization: Device-free [Slides] WiTrack 2.0 WiTrack
5 Mon, Jan 30 Wireless Sensing: Physiological Signals [Slides] Vital-Radio ApneaApp
6 Wed, Feb 1 Wireless Sensing: Heartbeats, Emotions, and Stress [Slides] EQ-Radio, WiStress
7 Mon, Feb 6 Wireless Sensing: Liquid, Food, and Soil [Slides] LiquID CapCam, Strobe
8 Wed, Feb 8 Wireless Sensing: Object Shape and Geometry WiSH
9 Mon, Feb 13
10 Wed, Feb 15 ML for Wireless Sensing: Sleep Staging RF-Sleep
11 Mon, Feb 20 ML for Wireless Sensing: Digital Biomarker Parkinson's
12 Wed, Feb 22 ML for Wireless Sensing: Human Pose Estimation RF-Pose, RF-Pose3D
13 Mon, Feb 27 ML for Wireless Sensing: Human Activity Understanding RF-Action RF-Dairy, RF-Avatar
14 Wed, Mar 1 ML for Wireless Sensing: Millimeter Wave Imaging HawkEye, Osprey
Mon, Mar 6 Spring Break
Mon, Mar 8
Sun, Mar 12 Project Proposal   Due: 11:59 PM
15 Mon, Mar 13 Project Proposal Discussion
16 Wed, Mar 15 TBD
17 Mon, Mar 20 Project Progress Discussion
18 Wed, Mar 22 TBD
19 Mon, Mar 27 Project Progress Discussion
20 Wed, Mar 29 TBD
21 Mon, Apr 3 Project Progress Discussion
22 Wed, Apr 5 TBD
23 Mon, Apr 10 Project Progress Discussion
24 Wed, Apr 12 TBD
25 Mon, Apr 17 Project Progress Discussion
26 Wed, Apr 19 TBD
27 Mon, Apr 24 Final Project Presentations
Sun, May 7 Final Project Report   Due: 11:59 PM