CIS 700 - Special Topic: Special Topic: Hardware Support for Security
Spring 2005

Instructor: Milo Martin

Email: milom at

Meeting Times and Places

Monday/Wednesday, 12:00-1:20pm
Moore 212

Course Description

This seminar course will survey proposals for expanding the role of hardware in creating more secure systems. Recent research has proposed expanding the security role of hardware beyond simply providing virtual memory and the separation of user and supervisor modes. Topics covered in this course may include hardware support for: buffer-overflow prevention, secure information processing, reducing runtime overheads of secure programming languages, fast cryptography, fine-grain memory protection, dynamic information flow tracking, tamper resistant and verified software, remote attestation, address-space randomization to prevent code injection, hardware-based virus and intrusion detection, secure cryptographic co-processors, and various "trusted" computing initiatives.

Coursework will consist mostly of paper reading, analysis, and in-class discussion. The prerequisites are CIS501 and a desire to learn more about both security and computer architecture. The course material should be applicable and accessible to participants from a range of sub-disciplines including computer architecture, systems security, distributed systems, compilers, and programming languages.

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