Advanced Computer Architecture Discussion Group

Spring 2006

In the Spring of 2006, a group met weekly (Thursays at 2pm in Levine 512) to discuss advanced topics in computer architecture such as cache coherence, memory consistency models, multi-core processors, and models for expressing parallelism.



Potential Future Topics

One possible source for specific papers is the seminar course from a couple of years ago: CIS 700 Special Topic: Multiprocessor Computer Architecture & Server Workloads.


  • Lock-based synchronization
  • Speculative synchronization (SLE/TLR)
  • Transactional memory
    • TCC
    • VTM
    • LogTM

Multi-core Architectures


  • SafetyNet
  • Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  • BugNet
  • Various papers from YYZ's group at UIUC

Models for Expressing Parallelism

New Applications for Multi-cores

  • Desktop parallelism (ASPLOS paper from Michigan)
  • Video encoding
  • Speech recognition
  • Games
  • 3D graphics (physical-based modeling)
  • Crypto and security
  • CAD and software verification

Hybrid Multicore Models