CIT 597 Assignment 8: Rails
Fall 2009, David Matuszek

Purposes of this assignment

Part 1

Step through the tutorial at to create a "cookbook" web application. (If you need more in the way of tutorials, see

Note: This tutorial is a couple of years old, but as far as I know there isn't anything more recent that's as good. One change is that Instant Rails 2.0 uses the Mongrel server rather than the Webrick server.

This is for your benefit; don't hand anything in for this part.

Part 2

Use RoR to create--yet again!--a ToDo List application. See Assignment 3 if you've forgotten the details. This time, however, you will use a MySQL database to store information, rather than XML.

Due date:

Midnight Thursday, December 10. Zip up the complete directory structure and submit via Blackboard.