CIT 597 Assignment 6: Writing an Ajax servet

Purposes of this assignment

General idea of the assignment

Re-implement your To Do list (from a previous assignment) using Ajax. The server will read and save the list as XML, just as before, but just the results will be returned, not an entire page. It is up to you whether to return all data, or just data that has been changed.

Everything else (here on down) is the same as before. The minimum requirements are the same, but you should feel free to make any corrections and improvements you like.

Details (same as before)

Your program must be able to do the following:

If your program had extra features, you may retain them, but no extra credit is offered..

Good programming style is expected and required. Here's a short handout from a couple of years back. [One style rule that isn't mentioned there: Individual methods should do computation or I/O, but not both.]


Due date:

Midnight Sunday, November 15. How to submit your assignment is still to be determined.