CIT 597 Programming Languages & Techniques III
Fall 2008, David Matuszek

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 Meeting times
Lecture MW 10:30-12:00 Meyerson B4
(in the basement)
 Office hours
Whenever my door is open.
I try to be available 1:00-2:00 MWF.
Moore 176
TA is Daniel Sheiner,
Mondays 6-8 Moore 100A
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Date Lectures Assignments, etc.
Sept. 3 PowerPoint Introduction to CIT 597
PowerPoint HTML
PowerPoint XHTML
Reading Google Chrome, just released yesterday. Also read the comic.
Assignment XHTML and CSS
Reading XHTML Basics
Reading XHTML Style Guidelines
Sept. 8 PowerPoint CSS
PowerPoint HTML Forms
UserFriendly keeps up with current news.
Validation services for HTML and XHTML and for CSS.
Sept. 10 PowerPoint JavaScript I Software Translator.jar
quiz XHTML and CSS and Answer Key
Sept. 15 PowerPoint JavaScript II

Assignment Turnblue (JavaScript)
Reading JavaScript Style Rules
Software jsenv and Web Developer 1.1.6

Sept. 17 PowerPoint JavaScript and HTML quiz Forms and Basic JavaScript and Answer Key
Reading Concise JavaScript I
Reading Concise JavaScript II
Sept. 22 PowerPoint JavaScript Examples
PowerPoint XML
Example Doing Without innerHTML
Sept. 24 PowerPoint More CSS
PowerPoint DTDs
quiz Client-side JavaScript, CSS, and XML and Answer Key
Assignment Working with XML
Sept. 29 PowerPoint Java DOM for XML
PowerPoint More DOM
Reading How to Find a File
Oct. 1 PowerPoint SAX quiz DTDs and DOM and Answer Key
Assignment Using DOM and SAX
Example SAX Example :,, war-of-the-worlds.xml, and warbook.dtd.
Oct. 6 PowerPoint Perl
Oct. 8 PowerPoint Basic Protocols
PowerPoint The HTTP Protocol
PowerPoint Clients and Servers
quiz SAX and Perl and Answer Key
Assignment Syntax Coloring
Oct. 13 No class (Fall break) More information Standard Files in Perl
More information More About Standard Files in EasyEclipse
Oct. 15 PowerPoint Bad HTML Style
PowerPoint Good HTML Style
No quiz, due to Fall break.
Oct. 20 PowerPoint Servlets
PowerPoint Deployment Descriptors
Oct. 22 PowerPoint Servlet Sessions
PowerPoint JSP
quiz (Didn't happen)
Assignment Calculator Servlet
Oct. 27 PowerPoint MVC for Servlets
PowerPoint RELAX NG
More information File Structures for Servlets (2006)
Oct. 29 PowerPoint Ajax quiz Servlets and JSP and Answer Key
Assignment Ajax Calculator Servlet
Nov. 3 PowerPoint Ajax and XML
PowerPoint Preferences
PowerPoint Logging
Nov. 5 PowerPoint Design Principles
PowerPoint GUI Design
quiz RELAX NG, Ajax, Preferences and Answer Key
Nov. 10 PowerPoint Ruby Reading A Concise Introduction to Ruby
Nov. 12 Ruby, continued Reading Recommended article: Closures and Higher-Order Functions
Assignment Animals
Nov. 17 PowerPoint Unit Testing in Ruby
Nov. 19 PowerPoint Ruby GUI Toolkits quiz Ruby and Answer Key
Assignment Fractions and Unit Tests (small assignment)
Nov. 24 PowerPoint SQL
Nov. 26 PowerPoint XSL No quiz. Thanksgiving is Nov. 27.
Dec. 1 PowerPoint Rails
PowerPoint Unit Testing in Rails
Assignment Rails assignment
Dec. 3 PowerPoint Rake
PowerPoint Ajax on Rails
quiz Rails and Answer Key

Assignment An assignment Software Software that will be useful in this course Reading An article, usually offsite Tutorial A tutorial
official spec Official specification (always offsite) PowerPoint A PowerPoint document, usually one of my lectures More information Additional information about the topic Example Example