CIT 597 Quiz 9: Rails
Fall 2008, David Matuszek Name_________________________________________
  1. (15 points) Rails is based on three philosophical principles. What are they? (Just name, don't describe.)

  2. (15 points) Rails uses three environments. What are they? (Just name, don't describe.)

  3. (10 points) A Rails controller method must end in one of two ways. What are they?

  4. (10 points) An .rhtml file is a Ruby HTML file. Tell how to include...
    1. ...executable statements that do computations but do not produce output:

    2. ...expressions whose value is to be inserted into the.rhtml page:

  5. (20 points) Briefly define the following terms:
    1. layout

    2. partial

    3. fixture

    4. migration

  6. (5 points) Briefly, what does Ruby's h method do?

  7. (5 points) What is the one thing that Rails cannot do when creating a web application?

  8. (10 points) Name the two kinds of scripting command used by Rails.

  9. (5 points) A validation checks the legality of something. What is that something?

  10. (5 points) What is YAML used to describe?