CIT 597 Quiz 3: Client-side JavaScript, CSS, and XML
Fall 2008, David Matuszek Name_________________________________________
  1. (10 points) Write the JavaScript command to pop up a dialog box with the words "You lose!" and an OK button.

  2. (10 points) JavaScript "global" variables are actually fields of some "global" object. In JavaScript code in HTML, what is the name of this object?

  3. (20 points) List the four parts of a CSS "box" in order (from outside to inside).

  4. (10 points) What is the purpose of XML?

  5. (10 points) What does it mean to say that an XML page is valid? (Hint: two requirements.)

  6. (10 points) What is the syntax of a PI?

  7. (10 points) What is the purpose of namespaces?

  8. (10 points) List the five XML entities.

  9. (10 points) What is mixed content?