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Fall 2007, David Matuszek

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November 26, 2007 More corrections (sigh!) to the GUI Generator assignment--fortunately, minor ones.
Since a JPanel can have a BorderLayout, and can contain JTextAreas and JButtons, both of the latter need a position attribute:
    position CDATA #IMPLIED
Thanks to Qi Zhang for pointing this out.
November 25, 2007 I was right the first time.
StAX claims that it can validate(isPropertySupported("") returns true), but it doesn't. It only checks well-formedness.
Alex's suggestion (below) avoids a runtime error message, but doesn't cause validation to happen.
November 19, 2007 StAX does validate!!
The trick is that instead of the obvious
    factory.setProperty("", true);
you have to say
    factory.setProperty("", "true");
Thanks to Alex Khvatov for pointing this out.
November 19, 2007 Another correction to the GUI Generator assignment: I've add this line to the DTD:
<!ATTLIST JMenuBar name CDATA "myMenuBar">
this makes the name attribute optional; if omitted, name defaults to myMenuBar. This should require little or no change to any code you've already written.
November 15, 2007 I've made several corrections to my example in the GUI Generator assignment. No other changes, though.
November 14, 2007 Since I've had nearly half the class ask for an extension on the "Guess My Number" servlet assignment, I'm just extending the due date for everybody until tonight (Wednesday, November 14). The GUI Generator assignment will be due Monday, November 26 (to give you a chance to enjoy Thanksgiving).
November 11 Turning in the "Guess My Number" servlet:
Depending on your Tomcat directory structure,
  • You may have a subdirectory of webapps called ROOT. You can zip this up and turn it in via Blackboard.
  • You may have a subdirectory of webapps named after your application (something like NumberGuesser). You can zip this up and turn it in via Blackboard.
November 11 Here's a page on File Structures for Servlets that I wrote last year and then forgot about. It may be helpful.
October 30

Your file server should return files in a single directory that you define. Please make this directory either the directory containing your server, or a subdirectory of that directory.

This ought to be easy. It isn't. See my writeup on How To Find a File.

October 29

I've now had four people ask me whether the file server assignment needs to be able to serve non-text files. Yes, it should serve any kind of file.

Don't make this hard. All files are binary. An InputStreamReader interprets the binary as character data. So--don't use it. A PrintWriter writes characters. So--don't use it. Figure out how to read and write binary files. It isn't difficult.

Also, I thought this was clear, but apparently not. For security reasons, the server ignores all path information. That means it has one and only one directory from which it can serve files. The client asks for a file by name only, no path information, and the server returns a file with that name from that one directory. (If the file doesn't exist, you should find some way to send an error indication.)

October 22, 2007

I meant to mention in class--due to the CIS550 midterm this Wednesday, the due date for the current assignment will be extended two days, to this Friday.

I might still give a new assignment this Wednesday, though.

October 12, 2007

I've now corrected the broken Textbook link.

Also, since I haven't yet covered all the material necessary for the next assignment, I won't post it until after the next class. Have a nice (if short) Fall Break!

October 11, 2007 The TextExtractor due date has been extended to Friday, October 12.
October 7, 2007 Note that the Text Extractor assignment is a Java assignment, not a JavaScript assignment. I just realized I didn't say this directly; however, the use of the words application, Swing, JTextArea, and the reference to should be strong clues.
October 7, 2007 I tried not to make the Text Extractor assignment too complicated. There are a lot of things that can cause messy results (tables, nested lists, etc.). The general rule is: If I didn't say what to do about something, don't worry about it. A really good text extractor would be much more complicated.
October 8, 2007

pizzaStudents enrolled in the MCIT program:

We will have our first pizza party of the year on Wednesday, October 10, at 6:00 in Levine 315.

Sorry, but due to the large classes this year, I can't invite everyone in the CIT classes; just the MCIT majors.

October 7, 2007

Debajit Adhikary has discovered a bug in IE. This doesn't work:
     <script type="text/javascript" src="js/calculator.js" />
You have to do it this way:
     <script type="text/javascript" src="js/calculator.js"></script>

October 3, 2007 The next assignment (Text Extractor) has been posted.
October 1, 2007 This Web Development Bookmarklets page has a large number of scripts on it. The one I particularly recommend is the second one, jsenv. To install, just drag it to your tab bar; or right-click and save as bookmark.
October 1, 2007 Fixed the broken link (above) to CIT 597 Examples. This page will be updated irregularly as the semester progresses.
September 30, 2007

The better class of calculators will "know" that multiplication and division should be performed before addition and subtraction, and will give 7 for 1+2*3=. Cheaper calculators will just do operations in the order they are entered, and will give 9 as the answer. Either will be considered correct.

Calculators don't do integer division. 7/2 is not 3, but is 3.5 (or maybe 3.5000000; extra zeros are fine).

Calculators right-justify numbers. JavaScript left-justify numbers, and that's fine with me.

The ? key should just replace whatever number is currently in the display with a random number between 0 and 1.

September 26, 2007 The next assignment will be posted here later today. Please check back later.
September 13, 2007

Update: This year, Firefox, Netscape, IE, and Opera all handle XML with CSS, whether the CSS is internal or external. All but IE do a fairly good job.

Without CSS, all browsers except Opera display the XML in outline format.

September 6, 2007 Fixed broken link to AddressEncoder.