CIT597 Quiz 1
Fall, 2007
  1. (10 points) Write the HTML needed to create the following table.

    Macintosh Very good
    XP Very good
    Vista Needs work

  2. (20 points) Correct all the errors in the following XML. Do not make any changes except to correct errors.

    <?xml version=1.0>
      <hour AmPm=am>7</hour>
      <hour AmPm=pm>3</hour>
      <hour AmPm=pm>5</hour><min>30<min>


  3. (20 points) Write a DTD for the above (corrected) XML.

  4. (25 points) List 5 of the rules that an XML document must satisfy in order to be well-structured.

  5. (5 points) What is the purpose of XML?

  6. (5 points) How do XHTML tags differ from HTML tags?

  7. (5 points) How does "strict" XHTML differ from "transitional" XHTML?

  8. (5 points) What two aspects of a document does HTML mix together?

  9. (5 points) What is the purpose of namespaces?