CIT597 Quiz 3: HTTP, SAX, JS
Fall, 2006 Name__________________________________________

All questions are worth 1 point. No partial credit will be given for any question--any error or omission will cause that question to be marked wrong.

  1. What does a DNS do?

  2. What does DHCP do?

  3. In HTTP, what is the difference between GET and POST? (Be sure to say which is which.)

  4. Name two methods that are called by the SAX parser (using callbacks).

  5. JavaScript has three primitive types. What are they?

  6. JavaScript cannot read or write user files. Name two other things JavaScript is not allowed to do.

  7. How many elements are in the array ["red", , "green", "blue", ,] ?

  8. In JavaScript, a variable is local to a function if it is a formal parameter of the function, or if ___?

  9. In JavaScript, what are the arguments to:

    1. call

    2. apply

  10. What is Microsoft's name for its version of JavaScript?