CIT597 Quiz 1: HTML & XML
Fall, 2006

  1. (6 points) Write HTML to produce a table that looks like this. Notice that the table has headers, and there are bold and italic entries; the fancy font is called "Swing".

    Don't write a complete HTML page, just the part that produces this table.
<table border="1">
    <td><b>June 5</b></td>
    <td><i>September 19</i></td>
    <td><font face="Swing" size="+2">December 4</font></td>
Name Birthday
Alice June 5
Bob September 19
Cassandra December 4
  1. (4 points) I gave five rules for well-structured XML. List any four of them. (If you restate the same rule in different words, you only get credit for one of them.)

Any of:

But not: XML is case sensitive (true, but doesn't answer question)