CIT 597 Assignment 1: Install software
Fall 2006, David Matuszek

Purposes of this assignment:

General idea of the assignment:

Install and test the following pieces of software:

As you install these, keep a running log of each action you take. When you are done, format this log as an HTML page and turn it in to me for posting.

If you do not have your own computer, I strongly recommend that you purchase one. Even the cheapest one you can buy new should be enough for this course (though it's a good idea to buy extra RAM).


  1. All required software is free.
  2. All required software is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.
  3. Windows versions of the software are on the CD that comes with the textbook, but you may wish to download newer versions from the Web. (I'm personally running newer versions.)


Most of the programming in this course will be done in Java. The latest version is Java 5.0 (also known as Java 1.5), though you don't need any of the features added after version 1.4. Get Java from the book CD or from

Tomcat is the software that allows you to run servlets on a server computer. (You can use the same computer as both a server and a client.) Tomcat can be installed by itself (easier) or as a component of Apache (difficult and unnecessary for our purposes). You can get Tomcat from the book CD or from There are installation instructions in the textbook, but I prefer the instructions at If you are using a Macintosh, you should first make sure you don't already have a useable version installed, and you should read

MySQL is a database that we will use later in the course. Installation can be difficult. You can get MySQL from the textbook CD or from and instructions from

Other software (not part of this assignment):

You need at least one browser (more are preferable). I recommend Firefox 1.5 ; it's what I'll be using to view your Web pages.

I strongly recommend using a good IDE. Eclipse is free and is widely regarded as the second best IDE (the best being the $499 IntelliJ IDEA).

You need to learn HTML (you'll be tested on it), but you are welcome to use an HTML editor. The Mozilla browser and all versions of the Netscape browsers (7.2 for Mac, 8.0 for Windows) include WYSIWYG editors; Firefox and IE do not. There are dozens of other free, shareware, and commercial HTML editors available.


I want you to keep a detailed log of all the steps you take in installing and testing the software. Most important are any problems you encounter, and any solutions you find. Also include any helpful references you find. Write separate sections for each of the three installations: Java, Tomcat, and MySQL. (If you have previously installed Java or some of the other software, just say so.) The goal is to be able to help other students who have problems.

At the top of your writeup, where it can easily be seen, include (1) contact information, preferably an email address (see below), (2) what system you installed on (for example, Windows 2000 Pro, or Mac OS X 10.4), and (3) whether you were successful or are still having problems.

Keep this log as you go, don't later try to reconstruct what it was you did. It is impossible for anyone with only a normal memory to do a good job afterwards. Create your log in a plain text editor, and convert it to HTML later. When you are doing the installation and configuration, you need to concentrate on those, and plain text is much less distracting than HTML. Do not use MS Word's "Save as HTML" command, which produces unacceptably poor HTML.

Your page will be made generally available on the Web.

Unless you love spam, it's a bad idea to put your email address on a Web page. Instead, use this program to generate JavaScript code to include on your page; it encodes the address so that it still works (for users who allow JavaScript to run), but is invisible to spambots.

If you have other privacy concerns about putting your email address on the Web, please talk to me about it in person.


Put your page on the Web and email me the URL. Please remember to have "597" somewhere in the Subject: line of your email.

Do your best to get the software installed and tested, and keep as careful a log as you can manage. If you do this and turn in your results on time, you will get full credit. If some of your installations are unsuccessful, you can update this log later.

Due date:

September 13, before midnight. Email the URL to both me and my grader.