Installing MySQL

Installed by: David Matuszek,

System: Windows 2000 Pro

Installing MySQL on M134PC1, using the CD from "Murach's Java Servlets and JSP."

Quit all programs.
Opened MSJP(E:), opened MySQL folder, and ran SETUP.EXE.
First two dialog windows, just clicked Next>.
Accepted C:\mysql as default installation directory, clicked Next>.
Chose "Typical" installation, clicked Next>.
Clicked Finish.

Copied mm.mysql-2.0.8-bin.jar from E:\MySQL_Driver to \common\lib. (For me, is C:\downloads\Tomcat\jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9, because I did a fairly sloppy installation.)

I didn't think mysql was running (I later discovered I was wrong), so I executed C:\mysql\bin\winmysqladmin.exe and created an .ini file with a user and password. Clicked the line that suggested this was the easiest thing to do for beginners.

Navigated to mysql\bin and tried a simple run:

Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 2 to server version: 3.23.46-nt

Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer.

mysql> exit

Then tried running it as in the book (page 315):

C:\mysql\bin>mysql -h localhost -u dave -p
Enter password: *******
ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'dave@localhost' (Using password: YES)

I cannot run winmysqladmin.exe again. A window comes up briefly, then disappears. OK, I found it in the "tray" at the bottom of the screen. (Several of them, in fact--so I closed all but one.)

(Murach, p. 608) Ran Install.exe from the Murach CD, then copied the contents of E:\webapps (murach and MusicStore) to my <tomcat>\webapps directory. Then,

C:\mysql\bin>mysql -u root -p < C:\downloads\Tomcat\jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9\webapps\murach\MurachMaster.sql
Enter password:

C:\mysql\bin>mysql -u root -p < C:\downloads\Tomcat\jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9\webapps \musicStore\MusicMaster.sql
Enter password:


Started Tomcat and tried http://localhost:8080/musicStore, but couldn't get to it. Had to quit--try again later. (I think the problem is with Tomcat.)